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Think about when you were a kid learning to walk. You started by crawling (first analog modems); then you began taking your first awkward, slow steps (28.8K, 33.6 K, then 56.6 K modems); and finally you were running all over the place exploring things that were once out of reach (WarpCore DSL). Stop crawling. Take a run at the Internet and explore the sights and sounds you're missing with your ordinary dial-up connection.

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With WarpCore DSL, you have instant internet connection.

WarpCore DSL allows you to have the flexibility to browse the internet and talk on the phone at the same time without the need of a second phone line. Check out the monthly cost comparison between DSL and a second phone line. 

WarpCore DSL service provides you with a high-speed dedicated connection to your  home that offers unique advantages over other Internet connection options.

  • DSL vs. 56Kbps Dial-Up Modem

    56 Kbps Modem
    Speed - Browsing the internet
    (25 Web pages)

    about 30 seconds
    about 5 minutes
    Online Access
    Just click once and you're online. No waiting for your modem to dial-up.
    Must wait for modem to connect
    Digital lines enable clear, fast connection without static
    Analog lines can experience static, which may cause slower data transmissions and more errors
    Use phone or fax and Internet simultaneously
    Must order additional lines to use phone or fax and Internet simultaneously
    Internet Access Hours
    Unlimited DSL Internet access
    Some ISP plans charge an additional fee for more Internet access hours

  • DSL vs. Cable Modem

      DSL Cable Modem
    Online Access Receive a dedicated Internet connection that isn't shared by the neighbors Bandwidth often shared between multiple cable users in your neighborhood
    Installation Uses existing phone lines
    already wired. Self-Installation
    is available
    May require re-wiring and installation by cable company

  • Service is not available in all areas and is subject to circuit availability. Speed comparisons are based on the following throughput comparisons: 32 Kbps for 56 Kbps modem, and 320 Kbps for DSL. Actual throughput (download) speeds you experience will vary and be lower than connection speed after accounting for factors such as length and condition of your telephone line; the condition of wiring inside your location; computer configuration; network or Internet congestion; and the server and router speeds of Web sites you access, among other factors. WarpCore DSL cannot guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service, or the speed of your service. DSL is not available on all telephone lines.

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