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Like most help desk technicians, you only have twenty-four hours in each day to accomplish everything. You can try to do everything as the requests pour in, but eventually, you must organize your schedule. Your service requests might come from several directions, including verbal requests, e-mail requests, and Web page requests.

Solutions For All Your Business Challenges

Before you provide service, you should know whether the request warrants your immediate attention. You should also know if other requests are pending or going into overdue status. You need a way to organize service requests so you can operate efficiently within your organization The Help Desk is your tool for organizing service requests. Each service request forms the basis for a work order. Work orders cover many issues, but they typically fall into the following categories:

• Problems
• Requests
• Questions
• Planned work
• Unplanned work

In the Help Desk, you can find out when a work order is due and how important it compared to others. You can also describe issues in detail, document your activities, and search for solutions. You can even delegate responsibilities to other technicians so the work order is completed correctly and on time. You’ll discover many tools in the Help Desk that can simplify your work orders and bring them to a quick resolution.

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