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Our goal is to provide you with outstanding service at exceptional prices. We want to take the hassle out of your printing needs. We will come by your office as needed and do a resupply inventory and bill you for what you use. It's that simple. If we send you 30 cartridges and within a month you use 15 cartridges, then you will be billed for what you use. You have the added assurance that you will always be prepared.

  • New OEM cartridges at the lowest discounts in town
  • Our goal is to provde you with outstanding service at exceptional prices
  • You have the added assurance that you will always be prepared
  • Your employees are being productive instead of running around town looking for your toner needs
  • Special Toners - you will not have to special order and wait for them any more.

There is a lot of talk about re-inking or remanufactured print cartridges being a cost savings way to go instead of using OEM Cartridges. Below are listed some of the reasons why re-inking or remanufactured cartridges are not as good a deal as you think:

  • The re-inking of inkjet and toner cartridges is not advisable. By injecting a used cartridge with ink, important factors within the cartridge technology are ignored. Problems such as the deterioration of print quality and leakage arise when parts of the cartridge begin to war out or become excessively dirty. The main reason for this is that the cartridges are not designed to perform properly beyond a limited number of cycles.
  • On inkjet's more specifically, the membrane inside the cartridge's vacuum-sealed compartment shrinks during the printing process. When ink is injected, this compartment's seal is broken. Should the injected ink exceed the amount of ink the membrane can hold, the membrane may break and cause extensive leakage which in turn can short the printer's circuit board and cause damage to the printer's heads.
  • Furthermore, the print cartridge nozzles are made up of it's own circuit board. When re-inking, the nozzles are not properly cleaned or tested. This adds to potential cartridge malfunction.

Using OEM print cartridges will help to prolong the life of your printer.

With Toner Central doing business with your company you never have to worry about ordering those hard to find, specialized toners again.

We will keep you in constant supply of those hard to find toners and cartridges so that you never have to do a special order. No more waiting for a specialized toner cartridge to come in so you can complete your project.


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